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My new #stayhome song with Zoe Michelle Bakiri

After all my scheduled concerts in Europe were postponed for next summer because of the coronavirus pandemic, I decided to spend the quarantine time with my family in Katerini, Greece. Here I had the idea to compose for the first time a hopeful pop song called MENOUME SPITI, which means STAY HOME in Greek.

I was very glad to collaborate with talented singer Zoe Michelle Bakiri from Rhodes, who currently lives in Nicosia, Cyprus for her medical studies. She is a well known rising singer in Greece after her great success on TV at The X-Factor Greece 2019 and she is also an award-winning pianist. We wrote the lyrics together and we completed this distance project at home (Katerini / Nicosia) without professional conditions.

Our song has been brilliantly presented by Makedonia Press, MEGA TV, radio and blogs:


I send "good morning", you write "smile, live in the moment"
I go to the living room, even if I am alone, it will be like I'm having a party

I'll put on some music that Ι was listening to as a child and I’ll be dancing on the beat
and I will imagine you as if you were here, waiting for this day of seeing you again

Stay home for us and for all those you love
for the good of the people I will not get out of the house

Stay home for us and all those you love
it's a stage in life, but it will pass and we will be together

Time will pass and the pain in my heart will be gone
And there will come again the great moment I'm gonna take you in my arms


Summer nights will come, dancing together on the sand
and I'll see you again after a long time and I won't be leaving your side again not even for a minute

Stay home for us...

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